Amdgpu blank screen

after upgrading to fedora 30 my radeon rx 460 stopped working and i can only use my integrated graphics .
i think i might have had some configuration in /etc/default/grub that was lost .

at first gnome info didn’t recognize it but now it shows :
processor : AMD® A10-7850k radeon r7, 12 compute cores 4c+8g × 4
graphics: AMD® Kaveri / AMD® Radeon ™ rx 460 graphics

problem there is no official guide for fedora so i implemented from archlinux :
i did find this fedora guide :

so i added

radeon.cik_support=0 amdgpu.cik_support=1

to grub kernel parameters but it still doesn’t work .

also note that i use hdmi cable .

Did you check to make sure Secure Boot was disabled because currently Secure Boot blocks the kernel from loading the AMD/NVIDIA drivers.

Secure boot won’t block AMDGPU because it’s compiled in the kernel.

i forgot to mention i use hdmi cable connection .

is it possible to manually load modules after boot to fix the problem ?

currently i work using my integrated graphics radeon r7, but if i switch the hdmi cable from r7 to rx460 the screen goes blank .
so do i need to run that when switching the cable to rx460 it will work and not go blank ?

where can i find wayland logs files ?
previously using X11 i could examine log file and that most of the time described the problem better .

i changed configuration in bios gfx so that northbridge is used instead of intigrated already at bios stage, and that somehow fixed the problem and after boot rx460 gets into action .

i still have performance problem, continue with new topic : My discrete graphics working but with low performance