Akmods.service takes longer time than required on boot

Hello! I have been in the pursuit of decreasing my boot times past 2 days. I have installed my Nvidia drivers from RPMFusion. I also use a SATA SSD, without any encryption if it has to do with anything.

This is what systemd-analyze shows me

Startup finished in 8.512s (firmware) + 5.177s (loader) + 4.430s (kernel) + 3.074s (initrd) + 27.963s (userspace) = 49.158s graphical.target reached after 27.948s in userspace

upon looking into systemd-analyze critical-chain here are the results i see

clearly, time taken by akmods.service is abnormally high. Here is what systemctl status akmods shows me

here is what rpm -qa | grep ^kmod shows me

i think it is nvidia kmod causing issues here and causing my high boot times

any help is appreciated, thank you for reading!

That is only once you install a new kernel, that modules for the nvidia driver are being built? It can take a while but on the next boot, there shouldn’t be a rebuilding (unless you install yet another new kernel). Please confirm.

Also, please dont’t post pictures of text, paste the text and use the formatting tools instead, see why. Thanks.

The modules seem to rebuild after EVERY boot.

i did discuss this issue in fedora discord server, werent quite able to understand what could be causing it.

also, the text formatting was kinda broken(for ex: the critical chain came in a horizontal form instead of the intended one)