AI/ML/HC Meetup Discussion at Flock 2023

Apologies for the late notice, this was approved at the last minute and I’ve been running around since I found out that it was added to the schedule late last week.

There will be an AI/ML/HC meetup at flock later today at 15:30 UTC. Information on the talk is available on

I suspect that there are folks who aren’t here in Cork who are interested in any conversations we have. The talk will be broadcast live and I’ll be watching for folks in the ai/ml Matrix room at #fedora-ai/

I don’t intend for any discussion to be binding, I’m just interested in capitalizing on having folks around in person and getting more people to join the SIG(s).

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I would love to join but I’m giving a talk at the same time, so I won’t be able to make it. I’m around all week though, happy to chat anytime.