After an upgrade to Fedora 34 the mapped folder in the Citrix environment is not writeable anymore

On Fedora 33 I configured a folder to be mapped with (the LANG variable at the start can be left out):
$ LANG=en_US.utf8 /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/configmgr
File Access – Mapped Drives – [Add]
Folder: …
Drive: …
[Save and Close]

I can read and write the folder in the Citrix environment. After an upgrade to Fedora 34 the mapped folder in the Citrix environment is not writeable anymore. The Windows Explorer says something like “cannot write, not enough permission”. But permissions on local computer and in Citrix environment have not changed. Can you reproduce the problem with your Citrix environment?
I see the same the problem with Ubuntu 21.04. But with Ubuntu 20.10 and 20.04 LTS as operating system on the local computer the folder is writeable in the Citrix environment.

Are you sure permissions have not changed? Previously, up to and including Ubuntu 20.10 the home directory was public or “world-readable” (octal 755). Since Ubuntu 21.04 your /home is private, (octal 750). This may be related.



Thanks for splitting into a new topic. :slight_smile:
Ubuntu was tested just to make sure it is not a Fedora specific problem. I would like to focus on Fedora. For Fedora I am sure about the permissions because I compared the output of ls -lAZR / before and after the upgrade.

drwxr-xr-x.   4 root root system_u:object_r:home_root_t:s0   4096 Jul 27 2020  home
drwx------. 24 user user unconfined_u:object_r:user_home_dir_t:s0  4096  May 8 22:42 user

That did not help either:

  • putting SELinux in permissive mode (/etc/selinux/config) and reboot
  • using a different user account
  • reinstalling Fedora 34 from scratch

where is the directory located that you are mapping?

any clues from the logs?

The folder’s absolute path is “/home/user/test” it has the same permissions in Fedora 33 and 34:
drwxrwxr-x. 4 user user unconfined_u:object_r:user_home_t:s0 4096 May 8 22:42 test
chmod 0777ing it and and all its parents did not help.
Systemlog (sudo journalctl -b0) only pointer is: wfica[3317]: Source ID 19 was not found when attempting to remove it. But that appeared on Fedora 32 too, so is a red herring.
The program system log directory (/var/log/citrix) is empty (even with fixing unlisted chkconfig dependency in RPM file and enabling/starting the SysV-init based ctxlogd).
The program user log directory (${HOME}/.ICAClient/logs/) does not reveal any clues. Enabling verbose logging did not help.

I do not know if it is a site-specific problem. Do you have access to a Citrix environment to test with?
=> the linked topic “Write problem after upgrading from fedora 33 to fedora 34” confirms that it is not a site-specific problem.

Seems like this is a literal dead-end with a nonfree software and I am at the mercy of its developers.
=> I asked the IT team managing the Citrix environment to investigate and ask Citrix for help. I do not know if posting the problem in Citrix’s forum will help.

A corresponding post in Citrix’s forum: in Citrix environment cannot create new files in shared folder - Receiver for Linux 13.x - Discussions

There’s a solution given in the above mentioned external link. Here a short summary:

  1. Completely log out of the Citrix client;
  2. Change the value of AllowSymlinkTraversalOutsideMap in the file ~/.ICAClient/All_Regions.ini to True (the default value is “*”);
  3. Login again to Citrix
    This is what is looks like on my Fedora35 system:
    $ grep AllowSymlinkTraversalOutsideMap ~/.ICAClient/All_Regions.ini
    (Note that the first, original setting is commented out)
    This works for me.
    I did not try to set this systemwide. However, the systemwide setting seems to be reset at updates of the Citrix client software.
    With thanks to Fernando Farabote who supplied this solution.