Accurate way to install signal in fedora

First approch

Second approch

Third approch

Forth approch
Using distrobox or toolbox

All of these works depends what you want to do, but easiest way is just to use flatpak

This snap approach would work in Ubuntu but not in Fedora Silverblue. The first approach wouldn’t apply either since Silverblue does use dnf to install packages. It uses instead rpm-ostree.

This is how I use the Signal Messenger on Fedora Silverblue since 2-3 years, works fine, no problems:

awarda@fedora:~$ flatpak list| grep signal
Signal Desktop	org.signal.Signal	7.8.0	stable	flathub	system

The most “trustworthy” solution is definitely using something like a debian/ubuntu distrobox and exporting the application.

In terms of ease of use i would recommend the fedora RPM because it seems like the other packages rely on environment variables to turn things on or off.

In terms of clean environment snap and flatpak.