Access Google Drive Files from Konsole


I am using Fedora Workstation 36. I have installed the KDE desktop environment and connect my google drive. I can browse my google drive files by going to
Dolphin File Manager → Remote → Network → google drive.

I tried to connect with rclone but the app is pending verification from googles end and it might take months ea1b3b863583cb47569aa95df8c8c2a03d448ee9.gif

Is there any way I can access and navigate this google drive files from Konsole just the way I can do it for my local files ?


Welcome to ask :fedora:edora @leon82

Please check first on googles website if you have the possibility to access it with ssh. This would be the way you can access your data locally via terminal.
I could imagine that this also depends a bit on what kind of google account you have. Probably with the free google account this is not possible … but you not told us what you have.

So please check first with google about “ssh access” to google drive.

Looks like Google does not support connecting to drive via SSH