2023-06-08 Fedora Robotics SIG Meeting Notes

Meeting notes URL: Community Meetings - HackMD


  • Open Robotics Updates
    • ROS2 new release (Irwini) SRC RPM for Risc-V rebuilding from Fedora’s side
      • No Fedora RPM SRC yet;
    • Still pinned to RHEL9.1/EPEL
    • Waiting for an update in EPEL
    • Mock 4.0 regression issue with old command which got fixed
      • That broke some builds
      • Waiting for a mock 4.1 release to build packages again
    • O3DE
      • Someone looking at its relationship with Gazebo
  • Expect an announcement calling for testing colcon’s python packaging toolchain. Testing on diverse platforms would be appreciated.
  • rviz_ogre_vendor broken on Fedora, fix merged.

Action Items

  • [cottsay] Generate ROS 2 SRPM packages for Fedora 38
  • [lrossett] Cross post ROS testing post into Fedora Discusson
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