Zoom screen share with fed37

In my normal configuration using Wayland login in fed37, NVIDIA drivers and GTX1050 GPU I broadcast a black screen when attempting to share my screen in zoom.
My GPU is external. When I unplug the gpu and login the same way my screen share is successful. Also when I log in to gnome on xorg with the GPU pluged in and active the zoom screen share works, so this is a workaround.
According to zoom support (and other posts on this site) this is a known problem with some GPU’s and the fix is running a command xcompmgr -c -l0 -t0 -r0 -o.00.
However on fed37 this fails with message Another composite manager is already running (0x400011)

Is there a fix through whatever manager is invoked in gnome, or a place to report this bug?

There seem to be issues in Zoom with Nvidia on Wayland, and zoom are aware of this. See

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