Zoom Client + NVIDIA Driver on Wayland Problems

I am currently running Fedora 36 (although the problems also exist on 35) and the Zoom client is not working properly on Wayland when using the latest NVIDIA graphics driver.

  1. Screen sharing is not available.

  2. The GUI of the client appears to be an empty window with no content unless I specify the option “enableAlphaBuffer=false” in the zoomus.conf configuration file. However, in this case, some menu lists and notification messages appear as black boxes with no content.

Any suggestions?


Contact Zoom support and report the issues.

The Zoom client is buggy. With X11 and the proprietary nvidia driver, I have an issue where it crashes immediately unless it is launched with a flag like --disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox possibly due to this electron bug. After some back and forth, Zoom support confirmed the issue and said it is supposed to be fixed in a release due at the end of May.

Good luck, it can be frustrating.

Zoom does not yet have Wayland support so one must use X11. Please see this topic for more information/discussion:



For those who do not know the zoomus.conf file is here ~/.config/zoomus.conf! Thanks @paspro now I can at least use zoom again on F36!

Setting enableAlphaBuffer=false solved the transparent window issue!