Zoom application cannot sign in via google, and cannot share screen

Hi there , newbie here. Using Fedora 40 desktop under wayland and Gnome.
after installing zoom (zoom.us) via software manager.
first problem : I cannot login via the google authentication.
when i click the button, nothing happens (supposed to be a browser launch for google authentication right?)

i did try with my second id using username and password, and the application is running.

the second problem:
using the traditional sign in, the appplication is running, but cannot share screen.

The only available option from basic is whiteboard, and white board only show white screen without anypen or pencil tool (the other user can draw though).

the third problem :
using the advance tab can share portion of screen

but when i minimize the main zoom window (return to meeiting, join, schedule…etc) the viewers only show black screen.
is probably the problem with wayland?

system :
ps: dual graphic card working normal in other application, but i make sure that the zoom and all other app is running on the intel gpu (nvidia is idling only).

If you install Zoom from GNOME Software, you actually install the Flatpak version. On its GitHub page, there is an issue about screen sharing in a Wayland session:

The workaround is going to Settings → Share Screen → Advanced and switching ‘Screen capture mode on Wayland’ to ‘Pipewire Mode’.