Zincati Does Not Work Behind Corporate Proxy

There is a documented issue that is fixed with Zincati v0.0.8 (which is not yet available on stable or testing - 0.0.6 at time of writing) regarding respecting defined proxies:

It is not clear to me however what workarounds exist currently to overcome this issue ahead of a FCOS release that provides this upgrade? Any help on how to overcome would be appreciated.

hey @fifofonix - you’re right that we need to get a new version of zincati into a FCOS release. We’re going to try to have one in the next testing release that should go out this week.

Thanks. Look forward to that. Obviously this will be a showstopper for any corporation wanting to use this from behind a firewall as they will lose their auto-upgrade features from CL…and they will be all eyeing end May security patching deadline on CL…

hey @fifofonix - the new zincati landed in the latest testing build ( 31.20200323.2.0). There is a related FCOS issue tracker issue for this so maybe we can following along there and also report failure or success?

@dustymabe I can confirm that the proxy error polling the Cincinnati server is resolved by the latest testing version of FCOS and can see when putting the agent into TRACE mode (-vvv) that it is receiving details from the server regarding nodes/edges of OS. I’ll state the same thing on the git issue thread as you suggest. However, I think I need to wait until the next OS version to verify an actual OS patching event - unless you have any clever ways to fake out an update ahead of then?