Zenvidia -Homebrew project to manage Nvidia drivers

Hi there.
I came here to introduce an old project I made several times ago, Zenvidia.
It’s a project I started and then stopped for health reasons. Not being a coder by profession, I’d just shared my work on GIT without any ambition whatsoever.

When the open source drivers arrived, I put my hands back in the grind to switch between the 2 versions without any real ambition to share it, as my brain hadn’t really recovered from the associated states of my health, with errors, typos and involuntary deletions being legion.

It took me several months to rewrite what I’d done wrong, correct my mistakes and learn again and again, as I’m afraid I’m very, very slow on the uptake.

Not satisfied with being both slow and full of gaps in bash code, I went on adding more and more functions with all the bugs, oversights and so on, which caused me great moments of shame that sometimes made me want to hide in a hole.

If I’m taking here the liberty of mentioning it, it’s because the code is finally clean (probably…). It’s still not safe from the errors of my poorly designed brain, but that can be corrected … (sic)

Well, if you’re interested in Swiss Knife for Nvidia drivers, give it a try.

And please, if there is something wrong, give a little feedback.

Note : the project is not specifically designed for Fedora, but because Fedora is my distro there necessarily less mistakes.

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