Yum crushed down after installing through conda

(Since I’m a new-comer in Fedora, please tell me if there is something I am not doing in proper)

The problem appears after I did these steps:

  1. I got the root authentication through command “su”
  2. I activated the base environment of anaconda through “conda activate”
  3. I installed pytorch through command “conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=9.2 -c pytorch”
  4. Then the problem appears.


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No, they don’t work.

Try the dnf-2 method from the second link.
Make sure to remove duplicate packages if any.

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Not work either.

rpm -q -a dnf libdnf python3 python3-dnf python3-rpm
ls -l -d /usr/lib*/libdnf*

What does it say?