Your Personal Voice Assistant on Fedora

Article Summary:

This article will feature PVA, a Personal Voice Assistant for Linux, developed under Fedora. It will present some ideas behind it, explains some configs and how it works behind the curtain. Of course we will talk about it’s features and privacy concerns.

Article Description:

Honestly, i don’t understand the difference between “description” and “summary” of an article.

As I have a first version of the article already finished, I could just upload it and you see for yourself.

Yeah, maybe we can come up with better terms for summary (sort of a thesis statement or TL;DR) and description (slightly more in-depth; e.g., an outline).

If you already have something written, then you can upload it here. We usually have people propose ideas before they write them just to avoid a situation where someone does a lot of work on something that we wouldn’t publish.

Preview to review: best regards, Marius Schwarz