Use it at your own risk!

This repo is a modified version of che-mesa.

For the ones feeling adventurous, highly experimental, it might break from time to time: mesa-git built against llvm-git at regular intervals, can be found here

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mesa-aco is stop updated after you added llvm-9 in the repo.
Here is paste: https://pastebin.com/02ALPpA8

How to install on silverblue?

There was an issue with copr not being able to build 32bit packages for rawhide. The issue was fixed today. You’ll have to wait a bit until it will be rebuilt and available for rawhide.
Mesa aco sources haven’t been modified anyway. So whatever version you already have installed, the chances are big that you already have the latest.


With regards with silverblue, does adding the repofile like described in copr page, then executing:
rpm-ostree install mesa


rpm-ostree install mesa Checking out tree 8790382... done Enabled rpm-md repositories: mesa-aco mesa-aco-x86 updates fedora rpm-md repo 'mesa-aco' (cached); generated: 2019-09-05T13:25:27Z rpm-md repo 'mesa-aco-x86' (cached); generated: 2019-09-05T13:25:23Z rpm-md repo 'updates' (cached); generated: 2019-09-04T12:53:42Z rpm-md repo 'fedora' (cached); generated: 2019-04-25T23:49:41Z Importing rpm-md... done error: Packages not found: mesa [fastos@localhost ~]

Ok, for now, I am could to upgrade llvm but for doing this first I had to remove pocl package.
I thought you should restore the section "Important for distribution upgrades or first time installs" which exists in original che/mesa corp