XWayland fractional scaling and HiDPI support

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I use the KDE spin of Fedora. For some reason the X11 version of Plasma does not work well for me so I switched to the Wayland version, and I used the X11 version of Plasma on my previous Linux install. Everything works well, except for the blurriness for apps running in X11 using XWayland. I use a HiDPI screen with 175% scaling, and it seems XWayland support fractional scaling by directly scaling up the window rendered in smaller size. Some of these apps support fractional scaling well under X11, so I wonder if it is possible to let XWayland display these apps in a non-blurry way. It would be best if I can specify certain apps to scale like how they behave under X11.

Also, from this ArchLinux AUR it seems the XWayland upstream has already included some attempts at HiDPI, possibly still experimental. Would these attempts be included also in Fedora’s repo soon?


Hey @ytliu

Thx for explaining and sharing your experiences with KDE spin and X11.
The best way asking for including upcoming features or bugs are on:




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