builds directly from git.

Please uninstall any distribution packages as these versions will mirror the official upstream versions.

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Hi Xsnrg,

Thanks for your packaging.

I wonder if it’s possible to add arm64 architecture to the builds, I have indi running on a raspberry 3 fedora and I wanted to update to the latest version. I’m not sure how “easy” this would be or even if the fedora infrastructure supports this.

Victor Bogado

Apparently is just a matter of enabling the architectures on the build. I’ve managed to clone the Copr and build myself. :slight_smile:

I do not seem to be getting notifications on these discussions for some reason. Anyway, if you did not have to do anything except enable the arch, I can do that here as well if you want. If you are happy with your own Copr, that is fine too. Just let me know.