Xorg and Fedora 34

According to LearnLinuxTV people with xorg will not be able to utilize the gesture in fedora 34… The upcoming gestures was the most anticipated update for me…until my heart broke this morning… Isn’t there any ways of doing so… I mean if you got to use the Nvidia drivers and Nvidia you need xorg and If you have xorg then you cannot utilize the gestures :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: Cannot there any ways of either inform Xorg community about this or GNOME to support gestures in Xorg???

You can always file issues with them upstream. The question always is if the resources are worth using on Xorg, which is pretty much in maintenance mode and will to be replaced by Wayland eventually.

Luckily, I haven’t had to use Nvidia in a while and wasn’t aware that you can only use Nvidia with Xorg. I’d think it’s more likely for folks to prefer using their resources on Wayland/Mutter to improve Nvidia support there than it is for them to take new features and try to plug them in to Xorg.

If you can help them, either by contributing code or helping with testing etc., things will move slightly quicker. Otherwise you’ll just have to wait until this comes up on their agenda. (Do remember that most people are volunteers: even gnome/wayland people; so prioritising what to spend time on is quite important)

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Try this extension: X11 Gestures - GNOME Shell Extensions
You’ll need to have newegg installed to use it (link here) .


Thank you I tried but touchegg had a little bug in it and it did interfere with my system…
so I had to revert back rather than that thanks