Xkb not recognizing config changes

Hi, first post here.

For some reason, localectl or setxkbmap don’t recognize changes to /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml. This means that the custom variants or layouts I add to the configuration can’t be used.

I’m really not sure how to debug this, but I have tried logging out and in, restarting and running various commands from ubuntu forums, which supposedly, should have erased xkb’s cache.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @papirus ,
What Window Manager are you using? Are you using Gnome on Wayland? If so, I don’t think Xkb will work. You would then need gnome-session-? I guess.

I use Xfce and Xorg. The Xfce keyboard app is able to observe the changes, but apparently, localectl isn’t.