Xfsrestore only dumping files to orphanage and not root of dest folder

I originally did a backup of my root filesystem using the following command (/var/backups is a seperate lvm partition on an external drive)

xfsdump -l level 0 -f /var/backups/root.xfsdump /

After putting in new drives and mounting them using a live boot CD xfsrestore only puts all files in the orphanage folder and doesn’t move them to the root folder specified as the destination. The process ran and completed with a SUCCESS code

xfsrestore -f /mnt/backups/root.xfsdump /mnt/root/

Any help would be appreciated. First time posting so please forgive any missing details or incorrect formatting.

Original installed version: Fedora Server 32
Live CD Version: Fedora Workstation 32
Filesystem/Partition Layout:
Partitions and Arrays
Arrays on internal disks sda, sdb, sdc, and sdd
md125 /boot/ RAID1 ext4
md126 /boot/EFI vfat
md127 LVM Partition - VG LinuxBox
[indent]LV root / xfs[/indent]
[indent]LV home /home[/indent]
md128 LVM Partition - VG storage
[indent]LV backups /var/backups xfs[/indent]
[indent]LV vids /var/vids xfs[/indent]

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Hello tallnatt,

what is the output of df -h -t xfs when run in the live environment?
And lsblk?