Xfce4-screensaver (xscreensaver) segfaults when loading image

I have Fedora 38 x86_64 kernel 6.4.11-200 on several computers with different hardwares, running Xfce4.

When running a screensaver that loads an image, a segfault occurs. Some computers hang and some just chug along fine, although I’m not sure I want to continue using them after segfault. It doesn’t matter whether they use open source mesa amd driver or proprietary nvidia video driver.

Here is a log:

Aug 24 11:11:21 fedora kernel: xscreensaver-ge[5078]: segfault at 0
ip 00005641b33f9373 sp 00007ffe08a91650 error 4 in 
xscreensaver-getimage[5641b33f8000+7000] likely on CPU 2 (core 2, socket 0)

This is always reproduceable: Reboot or start the computer, from menu Applications → Settings → xfce screensaver, in the screensaver dialog, choose Carousel theme. While Loading Image appears, a segfault occurs.

One other issue I found is that when I press configure button (gear icon) for any theme, no popup dialog appears at all except for Blank theme.

For now, my workaround is to fix screensaver to Blank theme.

The questions are, is there some xfce screensaver configuration that is causing this issue, or is this a bug in screensaver or kernel, or wayland issue with Xfce4? Any potential solution I can use?