XFCE session locked out, can't log in since it won't accept any input

I recently upgraded my system to Fedora 34. For the record, my system is the XFCE spin variant. Since then I’ve been having issues with the login screen after the session gets locked out due to inactivity. When I try to log back in, the input field in the login screen won’t accept any input. There’s no issue with my keyboard since the screen itself detects whether the caps lock key was pressed, and typing has not been an issue.

I’ve been trying to research if someone else has been having the same problem since upgrading but it seems I’m alone in this.

Have a look which display-manager you use:
grep '/usr/s\?bin' /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service

and look if someone else has the same problem. Or just try an other one.

Thanks for answering. I did what you told me and found out the display manager is lightdm. I found this link that says to use loginctl unlock-session but it doesn’t seem to work, not even with sudo.

I’ll keep looking, though.

EDIT: I kinda solved it by using systemctl restart lightdm but it killed the apps within the session

After the last update, there seems to be some problems regarding wayland and at least certain nvidia cards.

You may try to switch to x11.

I strongly suggest to also apply the point “Changing the default GNOME session via configuration file”, since on the login screen you may encounter all kind of problems if the default still is wayland.

Can you take a look at, 1955993 – clash with xfce4-screensaver - its unlock screen does not accept input



Thanks for this, I didn’t do a thorough search it seems. I’ll be following this bug report. It is exactly what is happening to me.

@huben, I don’t use GNOME, but XFCE.

I see, I didn’t know that you use an xfce only spin.
Reasoning behind was, that if there’s a gnome desktop environment installed as well, it might be the default environment even if you don’t use it. The display server behind may have switched to wayland in the process of updating. That could eventually cause such problems on the login screen.

See bugzilla link:

If xscreensaver locks before xfce4-screensaver and both are locked and you unlock xscreensaver but leave xfce4-xscreensaver locked and you wait for xscreensaver to lock again, password input is not accepted by xfce4-screensaver.