XFCE 4.14 No color calibration

Hi all,

I’ve updated my Fedora 30 XFCE spin and finally received XFCE 4.14
I was quite expecting color calibration to be included, but it’s not (Arch Linux, for example, does)

I did a “dnf search” just in case it was in a separate package… with no luck

Does Fedora really not include XFCE’s color calibration or I’m doing something wrong?

Is it because “xiccd” is not part of official repositories?
Are there any plans for it to be included?

Best regards,
Miguel Angel

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You can try this repo:

Thank you very much @vgaetera :blush:

I forgot to mention I tried that. “xiccd” is an optional dependency of XFCE’s color management feature for displays:

So I installed it from copr.

Still nothing. No color management in XFCE.

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A new version with color management enabled is in testing:


Great news! Thanks so much @taokris

I look forward to get the new version

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