X11 default windowing system instead of Wayland

Hi, all!

First post here and I am a new fedora user, so please be gentle :slight_smile:
So, I downloaded and clean-installed the default fedora 33 Workstation Edition and was wondering why x11 is my default windowing system? I thought Wayland was supposed to be the default one, but running echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE tells me that x11 is the default.
I am using the proprietary NVIDIA drivers and, from what I’ve heard, NVIDIA support on Wayland isn’t exactly the greatest so my first guess is that the culprit is the aforementioned driver - can someone please confirm this?

Also gwe (GreenWithEnvy) doesn’t allow me to change the power limit of my graphics card. It just tells me ‘Error applying power limit!’… on other distros I’ve used in the past, a window pop-up and asks me to enter my password, but here I get nothing. If I try sudo-ing gwe I get the error ‘NV-Control X extension is missing’.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I’ve read this before here in askfedora, this is what i’ve read, and explanation:




I have the same, I think x11 installed with the NVIDIA driver.

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@hhlp That pretty much clears it up. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Meky Yeah, looks so. I guess AMD will be my next setup - they are way more OSS-friendly.

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