X stops working in one of my monitors

I run X11/xdm/fvwm on all my systems. X is configured to use independent screens via the ZaphodHead option. I update nightly with dnf, except for the kernel, but because of the problem below I’m current on the last released f37 kernel.

On my two main systems I have either 4 monitors/screens, 2 on each of two graphic cards, Intel Xeon E3-1200 and NVIDIA GF 119, or 2 monitors on one graphics card, ATI Radeon Vega.

I’ve had this setup for several years, through several Fedora versions, which I update within a week of a new release.

Since the update to F37, one of my monitors freezes when I’m opening or closing window, then nothing updates, there is no interaction except for the mouse sprite moving about, can’t open any more windows or they don’t map to the screen, the other screens keep on working fine.

No logs anywhere to indicate a failure, not on dmesg, rsyslog (/var/log/mess), Xorg.0.log, X session errors. Only recourse is to kill X and relogin. I can turn the monitor off and on with xrandr, but that’s about it. This happens on both systems, and on monitors on either graphics adapter.

Struggling to even identify which component is at fault.

I’d start with the kernel. What was the last kernel version that worked fine? You can try installing the corresponding Fedora 37 build of that kernel manually from koji.