Write file content based on local fs file

Hello, first apologies if the question has already been answered, I was not able to find anything after searching.

I am in the process of finding an alternative to our CoreOS servers and I am naturally investigating the Fedora CoreOS route.

So far, everything seems to work fine and I appreciate the improvements over CoreOS Ignition :+1:. However, I am facing a problem as many of my configurations write files in the files: section, based on local files. Some of those files are shared in a number of configurations and duplicating the content is not an option.

After reading the documentation Content Moved :: Fedora Docs carefully, I cannot seem to achieve a similar behaviour.

Could you please advise what is the best alternative if this feature has been removed completely ?

Thanks in advance

This is a missing feature we are tracking at https://github.com/coreos/fcct/issues/83 and https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/375.
I don’t think there is any real blocker stopping it, but so far we haven’t done the design/scoping bits to eventually implement that.

Thanks Luca,

What are the odds that this gets implemented before the deadline of 26th of may ?


That’s a very specific question to which I don’t have an answer, sorry.

In general, if anybody provide any PR for an uncontested feature request, we try to review+merge+release+package within a sane amount of time.

I am not aware of anybody who has started working on it at the moment though. Which also means, it is up for grabbing :slight_smile:

Good news. This was merged upstream recently so the next release of fcct should include it: https://github.com/coreos/fcct/pull/99

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FCCT 0.6.0 was just released, including support for a local directive in FCC spec 1.1.0. This spec version requires Ignition 2.3.0 and above, which is available in FCOS testing and will be in the next FCOS stable release.

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