Workstation has a new text editor - please test it!

I guess, I use vim from the command line typically so I only ever use the editor as well a viewer of text from the desktop env. I note that it defaults on my WS setup to 4 spaces for indent, which is typical.

Hi Stephen,

I thought so too. Typical and a little annoying even. The tabstop can’t be set to anything other than 8 as well. I never even used spaces to indent.

Now I’m inclined to use vimx as well. Big step in the wrong direction, I’d say.


I installed gedit and changed the default app in gnome-settings to gedit for text editing as soon as I found it was switched.

I love gedit and dislike the idea that “everything gnome is better”, which is the vibe I get from these changes.

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Ah, I see. They’re two different editors.

I use Snippets and External Tools in Gedit. I hope that functionality comes to the new GNOME Text Editor.

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They are 2 distinctly different editors. As such each should maintain its own personality and having everything trying to emulate all the others simply adds complexity.

I intend to continue using gedit since I like the way it works. I doubt that it is being retired, merely no longer installed by default for fedora.

I may switch to the newer gnome text editor when I am comfortable with it, but not yet.

Which is better for default?
  • gedit
  • gnome-text-editor

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What is git config core.editor command for the new text editor?