Wont Boot after restarting and installing NVIDIA drivers (Optimus)

Hello Everyone!
So I successfully installed Fedora 32 on my USB stick and I want to set PrimaryGPU to NVIDIA so I read some guides on internet and I found that my laptop has dual gpus , so I have NVIDIA Optimus.
So I followed this guide https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/how-to-set-nvidia-as-primary-gpu-on-optimus-based-laptops/ and completed every step , everything worked for me now in about page it says I have set NVIDIA as my primary GPU. But! after restart i got and error that something went wrong with nouveau driver (I forgot to screen in so I cant remember full error) , and again after 2nd restart Fedora wont boot at all , stuck at loading screen.

So again I reinstalled full system from beggining and read some guides , I think it might be that I DIDNT disabled nouveau base driver after installing nvidia (or before installing ? i dont know).

So Im asking ths awesome community for help , this is my 1st time using Fedora 32.

Hope this text is enought to describe my problem.
Thanks in advance!

-Mathew S.

Fedora workstation? or fedora kde or …?

Its Fedora workstation

1-Remove any configuration file from last nvidia installation .

2-update system and reboot/boot from last kernel .

sudo dnf update


3-install kernel-devel

sudo dnf install kernel-devel

4-Try this link and if UEFI don’t forget to try disable secureboot .

5 - for older nvidia drivers, list all nvidia drivers available and install the correct driver version.

 sudo dnf repoquery xorg-x11-drv-nvidia*

You need to read and understand the entire rpmfusion.org How To guide. The Fedora Magazine guide is not for Optimus computers.

In gnome it works because the installation package contains scriptlet to set nvidia as primary gpu .

On kde I added a comment to solve the black screen issue

for lighdm and …

RPM fusion for fedora, either follow instruction for optimus or PC with only nvidia card, there is no other option, why follow Arch linux for fedora? Fedora magazine article is for PC with only nvidia card, you dont set a primary card when you only have one card. Please don’t add to the confusion of the original poster by sending them in two different directions. Almost every problem related to nvidia linux optimus is related to the misunderstanding of optimus installation and nvidia only installation.