Wireless does no longer work since kernel 5.19.9

Since kernel 5.19.9 (you can check which kernel you have with uname -r), the Intel 7265 Wireless controller does no longer work with the kernel, which implies WiFi does not work on machines using this controller. You can check if you have this Wireless controller with lspci | grep 7265 → if the output shows the controller, you have it! If it does not show it, your issue is not related to this.

The problem is known and should be fixed in a day or two with kernel 5.19.11. The fixed kernel is already in testing and is likely to be pushed to stable in a day or two.

Therefore, if you experience this issue, just update your Fedora daily or more often with dnf update or your preferred package manager in the GUI.

Once the new kernel is contained in the updates, you can just update as usual and then reboot. Then, the issue should be fixed!

Otherwise, let us know here!

I will add a post in this topic once the update is pushed to stable!

Kernel 5.19.11 has been released and solves the issue.

If you experience this issue, just update with dnf update or with your preferred GUI package manager. Then, reboot.

If the problem persists, let us know!