Wired and WiFI Network randomly dropping out and not connecting after sleep

Got it thanks,

So the issue seems to be stopped for now since I updated the kernel and moved up to fedora 39.
I havn’t had it do it again since. I am still testing it but so far so good.

See output below

isaiah@fedora-office:~$ journalctl -b -g enpls0
-- No entries --
isaiah@fedora-office:~$ journalctl -b -g wlo1
-- No entries --

Okay so I have resolved the issue after a lot of testing.

This had to do with my dns resolver. Previously I had it set to nextdns (a great way to fine-tune trackers and see whats going on within your system).

I went to here and ran this script again :slight_smile:

sh -c 'sh -c "$(curl -sL https://nextdns.io/install)"'

i stopped the daemon, uninstalled and now my system has no trouble reconnecting to the network.

It seems strange that i wasn;t able to keep the dns set to a customised one.

Now when I wake from sleep the problem is gone. :slight_smile:

Thanks @gnwiii and @ilikelinux for helping me try to debug this, (it was brought on by my own customising it seems). The daemon was at a systemd level and was not working with the fedora system well.

I might ad, i upgraded to F39 workstation and have seen the network and system far more responsive also, but I set the dns back to default anyway.

I think fedora stock dns resolver is cloudflare for memory, so that should be great too.

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