Wine: All folders in C: are empty, so wineboot.exe doesn't exist

I don’t know if this post fits here, so if it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll take it elsewhere

Here’s my problem and what I did:
I installed Wine on my system using dnf install, as I always do. I tried running wineboot, and the only thing it shows is this:

wine: failed to start L"C:\\windows\\system32\\wineboot.exe"
0024:err:environ:run_wineboot failed to start wineboot c000007b
wine: failed to load start.exe: c000007b

I get the exact same error for every Wine command, including winecfg (except for wine --help and wine --version). I tried checking where wineboot.exe should be (~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32) and the entire folder was empty. Turns out everything in the windows folder is empty. I also tried deleting ~/.wine, but the exact same, empty file structure returned

I saw some forum posts about this indicating a broken compile, but I installed directly from dnf, so I would think the compilation wouldn’t have any issues. I also compiled it myself, but nothing changed

Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone have know why it’s happing or how to fix it?

Wine version: wine-9.1 (Staging)
My system: Macbook Air M2 running Asahi Fedora

Manually deleting files and directories that are installed by a package is certain to break that package (and maybe more)

First try reinstalling all wine packages that are already installed. This list can normally be seen with dnf list installed wine* and the reinstall could be done with sudo dnf reinstall wine*

Then wine can be launched from your apps menu.

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You have an arm cpu, did you want to run x86 apps?
Is that supported? I am curious to know.

Sorry about late reply,
I haven’t tried running any programs yet, because I wanted to make sure it was working first. I tried just now, but it gives the same error shown above. Is wineboot.exe an x86 program? If so, is there an ARM version than I can use/replace it with?

Added aarch64

Microsoft have a ARM version of windows, but I have not tried to use it.
I suspect that the wineboot.exe is x86.
What does file wineboot.exe report?

Are you expect for your ARM CPU to run Windows X86 programs?
You did not answer last time I asked.

Wine from Fedora 40’s default repo (Staging 9.5) worked fine for me last night on x86_64. I installed Old School RuneScape.

Has Wine worked for you in the past with ARM64? I didn’t think Wine supported x86 apps on ARM by itself but I didn’t look into it in-detail. I know Box86 is kind of popular for running x86 stuff on ARM Android, and it sounds like it’s usable on Linux too:

Works pretty well surprisingly! I ran it on a OnePlus 6 about 2 months ago and played World of Warcraft for a bit with Windows 10 ARM, and Windows on ARM has something built-in to run x86 apps. I have some details in a post on XDA.