Windows become undraggable from Title bar when a Thunderbolt dock with a monitor is attached

Hi everyone,

I have encountered an interesting issue, which turned out to be too hard for me to debug as there is not much for a regular user to “grab onto”. There seems to be little to none information about this on the internet.


Now, for some reason connecting a monitor via Thunderbolt dock kills the ability to drag windows from the Title bar on all displays. However, I can drag them by pressing and holding Super and then dragging the window. This issue has existed at least since Fedora 33 and is present only on Wayland.

I would require assistance on figuring this one out. I will try to provide more information when asked.

My setup

  • Dell Latitude 7390 laptop
  • Samsung monitor (Model: C34H890WJN), which is connected via HDMI to
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Thunderbolt dock (Model: 40AC)