Windows Application In Flatpak and Wine

Good evening Sirs,

I would like some direction from anyone who could help.

I would like to build a flatpak of a Windows application, which would run an Application with Wine.

I’m working with Silverblue and would like to have an idea of steps to construct a package of an application for personal use only.

For this application, I would usually install with the following steps:

  • Wine 32 or 64 Installation;
  • Wine configuration for Win10 and access to Documents folder as a P drive:
  • Installation of Dotnet 4.8;
  • And Installation of the application in .exe format.

In the package I need the application to have only access to the drive P and C and Internet. There is no need to have other access to maintain the security of other files.

If someone could guide me, I would be grateful because I need to run some applications outside the Toolbox.



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You can take a look at Winepak which does this for games, but could probably be changed to work for any Windows application.

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Winepak is more or less dead, but should work anyways. To see how wine is handled nowadays take a look at the lutris flatpak.


Dear Siosm,

Unfortunately, Winepak does not work and has its key GPG inactive.
And Lutris’ interface is too bad for me to understand how to install basic things like Dotnet and VC Framework. Both are necessary for the programs I run to work properly.

But thank you, I am looking for information to build my application in AppImage, because I see that Flatpak is too complex for an average user.

Thanks a lot.