Windows 10 and Fedora Dual boot

I bought a Dell laptop(Inspiron 3584 to be specific). It had windows 10 installed on a 1TB HDD. I want to install Fedora and want to keep Windows 10 as well. I’m willing to allocate 500-600GB for Fedora. Can anyone help me out.

Are you want to split the 1TB HDD?

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Sure … what kind of help do you need?
The amount of space you reserve for the OS depends on your needs. If you are going to be using Fedora for daily computing (videos, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, chat, email and all that stuff), then you may want to give Fedora much more space. Some Apps are not cross-platform and can only work in one OS. In that case, consider the needs of each App within their OS. For example, if you’re going to be using Audio/Video Recording Software in Windows … consider reserving some space for the files they generate (i.e. that would be in the Windows partition)

I tend to allocate 20%-30% of disk space to Windows but that may not be suitable for you.

Your next step will be to create an unallocated space in your HDD to accept the Fedora installation. You can do that from within the Windows environment using the Disk Management Utility. All you need to do there is to shrink the Partition containing Windows to the desired size (there are limitations though). Once you have an unallocated disk space … disable hibernation/fastboot for Windows. Shut down the PC, insert your Fedora installation medium, boot with that, and have fun installing Fedora.

That is just the summary.

You want details? See the documentation … here and the pages after that…


Thanks man,that was informative. I’ve created 600GB of unallocated space. What to do when I’m in the Disk selection?
Also let me know which will be the best Fedora/Spin for a laptop with Intel core i3 -7020U with 8GB RAM.

I am not sure I understand your request here

I do not see that your processor and memories dictate any special Spin. Just make a choice based on your preferences. You are covered

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I have Fedora 32 with Gnome installed on I5-3320 with 8GB and SSD and I do not complain. Gnome 3.34 (Fedora 31) and 3.36 (Fedora 32 beta) have a great performance. But if you want desktop environment which is very fast, consumes less RAM and still look modern, I suggest you to try XFCE Spin. If you’re used to Windows desktop, you’re probably likely to find yourself in a KDE environment (which doesn’t mean that these environments are similar).
The problem is that every desktop has its pros and cons. It all depends on your preference. In my opinion you should try it yourself. The good thing is, you can install Fedora Workstation and then install other graphical environments on it.
Here’s how to do it:


I mean what to do when I’m in the Anaconda installer in the Disk selection/install destination menu?

I’m a bit sceptical whether or not Gnome will work good with my laptop as I’ve seen various articles about how resource heavy Gnome is

Did you see this guide?

I would suggest you do Automatic Configuration. Before you hit the Continue button double check that Anaconda recognized the free space and is not overwriting the existing Win10 install. Also, make sure Fedora does not format the EFI partition where your WIN bootloader is sitting.

If you do the Manual Partitioning (description), select the LVM scheme and click “Click here to create them automatically” - but also check that none of the existing partitions is being removed or formatted.

Yes, Gnome will work just fine. If you will be running memory intense software, your 8 GB may fill up and the system starts to swap (RAM to disk). In that case, it makes a huge difference if you have an SSD instead of a HDD.

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Thanks buddy,it was helpful​:hamburger::beers:

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