Window Titlebar shift on inactive window

I’ve noticed, if windows were placed with hotkeys (Super + Left/Right), the inactive window’s titlebar shifts right and down. If I put the window in full size (Super + Up) - everything is ok.

On screenshot you can see, the active window is Slack, and inactive (Telegram) window is shifted.

As I’ve noticed, affected only not native gnome apps (Nutilus, Gnome-config, Gnome-tweaks, etc are working fine)
Affected Telegram, Slack, Skype, Spotify…

I’ve tried to disable all the extensions - did not helped.

Wayland or Xorg - same issue in both session types. Fedora 33 with latest updates.

They are all flatpak apps, right?

Telegram, Slack, Skype, Spotify - yes, but also pycharm is affected. and it is not flatpak (installed with Jetbrains toolbox).
Also 1password and VS Code are affected (installed from repos)

So, I think, the source of installation doesn’t matter

Oh, I found the solution.
It was issue in Advaita theme.
I’ve just installed alternative theme and this problem has been solved


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