Window screenshots not confined to window anymore

I’ve used Alt+Print Screen for a long time and it always confined the screenshot to the exact size of the window in focus. Recently that is no longer the case: a certain border is visible around it.

Notice how my wallpaper/background is visible around the screenshot of the terminal window:


How can the original behavior be restored?

Perhaps unrelated, but I’ve noticed that for quite a while (since maybe Fedora 29?), the Connection Information window from Network Manager is not properly formed: it has a transparent area inside the right and bottom edges of the window:

Interestingly, the window screenshot for this dialog does not have the undesired border around it.

It looks more like a theme issue (edit: or with the mate desktop spin)… I have tested in my fedora 30 with all default and could not reproduce your problem.

Try change the theme and check it. Good luck!

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Thanks for testing on your system. I switched through a bunch of different themes and was able to reproduce the issue with each one.

I have been using Arc-Darker theme with EvoPop icons for over a year, and this issue came up relatively recently.

I also created a new user account. With MATE’s default theme and no configuration, the window screenshot still has a border.

Hi fasulia;

You can check the config of package

> mate-screenshot

look into the option sudo mate-screenshot --effect=none you can read a bit more about it the link over.

I have installed package gnome-screenshot (i use gnome) and have 0 issue (as I had commented before).

You can also try to remove and reinstall this package.

I hope it can help you a bit more.

Thanks for the suggestions @xtym.

It turns out this is a confirmed bug in MATE. Invisible borders were recently added to make it easier to resize windows, and the screenshot is capturing those invisible borders. Window screenshots are incorrectly sized, resulting in an undesired border · Issue #236 · mate-desktop/mate-utils · GitHub

One workaround is to exclude window decorations, but it’s not an ideal solution.