Will this Wacom tablet work with Fedora 34 Workstation?

I would like to buy a Wacom OneByWacom Small. Here is the link to Amazon.

Will it work with Fedora?

If it will, will it work effortless, like plug-and-play, or what are the steps required to have it work?

It says that it is compatible with Chromebook

Have you searched to see if anyone has posted about that tablet?
Are you willing to experiement?

I don’t use a wacom so can’t even guess, but maybe someone else has tried it.

You may have to run your desktop under X.org

I had found linuxwacom.github.io it but I don’t grasp it.

There are kernel drivers, user space drivers, libraries.

I don’t understand if I have to install something and what I have to install.

Moreover, there does not seem to be a wiki of all the supported devices.

PS. I would really like to stay with Wayland.