Will there be an rpm-ostree packaging module for ansible?



Does anyone know if there are plans to create a new packaging module for rpm-ostree in ansible?


no plans that I know of but would love to see one that also integrated with the generic package module and also maybe had an option for kicking off the reboot using the new reboot action plugin.


in the interim I hacked this up this weekend:

- name: Install Virt Packages        
  tags: foo                          
  shell: |                           
   rpm-ostree install --idempotent \
      libvirt-client \
      libvirt-nss \
      libvirt-daemon-kvm \
      libvirt-daemon-config-network \
      genisoimage \
      qemu-system-aarch64 \
      virt-manager \
      virt-install \
      virt-viewer \
      nbd \
      vagrant \
      vagrant-libvirt \
      vagrant-sshfs \


Good hack ! thanks. I’ll give it a try later


That’s the code I use for installing git on a atomic host server:


And a module was proposed in the past, but the PR was closed (https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/23209/files ). If someone want to restart the work, I can review the code and merge it.