Will Startech Ubuntu Drivers work for Fedora?

Woohoo! Looks like I do now have a second Key:

[key 2]
SHA1 Fingerprint: [redacted]
        Version: 3 (0x2)
        Serial Number:
        Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
        Issuer: CN=DKMS module signing key
            Not Before: Mar 28 20:30:02 2024 GMT
            Not After : Mar  4 20:30:02 2124 GMT
        Subject: CN=DKMS module signing key

No response to command

That returned:

modprobe: FATAL: Module evdi not found in directory /lib/modules/6.8.4-200.fc39.x86_64

Thanks for your help

OK, getting there slowly. Unfortunately you’re likely now hitting this issue, as I have.

Fedora have just released a 6.8 kernel for F39 which you appear to have installed. However, the displaylink drivers won’t work with anything newer than 6.7 at this time.

The solution is to revert to running the 6.7 kernel until such time as the above bug is fixed.

You should still have the 6.7 kernel installed, verify this with

rpm -q kernel

Assuming this reports something of the form kernel-6.7… then you need to reboot and select that kernel from the grub boot menu, instead of the default 6.8 one.

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I can’t thank you enough for such great help here.
I can do that, yes I have two 6.7 kernels and 6.8 installed. I just run updates whenever they are on offer (every five minutes!)
Question: Would you guess that this is a one time thing, or likely to happen with every major kernel update?

My guess is it’s likely to be a recurring issue. The problem is DisplayLink (the company) only officially support Ubuntu, so their effort goes into making the drivers work with the Ubuntu LTS kernel versions. Fedora is closer to the bleeding edge than Ubuntu LTS and so will often be running a newer kernel.

I’m not sure what your decision making process was for choosing Fedora over any other Linux distribution? But you might want to consider Ubuntu LTS if you want a trouble-free life with the DisplayLink drivers. That’s assuming there isn’t some higher priority reason for you choosing Fedora over Ubuntu in the first instance.

Thanks. It was a very close call. I did try Ubuntu years ago and wasn’t too keen on it. but now that I am learning about Linux and forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I actually suspect you’re probably right there. I nearly did it a while back. My main reasons for choosing Fedora were:

  • Recommendations from others based on ease of use and being a nice transition from Mac
  • Good security and privacy built in (BIG issue for me, main reason for leaving Apple, which some gullible folks still believe is ‘private’ :slight_smile: )
  • Just a great ‘feel’, both in the development and the support (for example here!)

I’m probably far enough into Fedora now to stick with it. There is one big reason I felt like going to Ubuntu, as silly as it may sound to some, but the lack of “desktop” folder (and real desktop). I’ve heard all the (sound) logic on the reasons, to ‘teach’ people a ‘better way’ of working etc. But I got a kinda sickly feeling from Apple over the years (hence my eventual exit from their walled garden) with the increasing amount of ‘nanny state BS’, ‘health app’ for example (GET LOST! None of your business!), and the same goes for a long list of telemetry processes as well as overt decisions like hardcoding YouTube app into iphone (while claiming to respect customer privacy).

I digress… I am REALLY struggling without my Desktop area, it’s where I’d keep all my temp stuff, important, but temp. if I could just use a hot corner to expose my desktop background (and folders therein) like I could on Mac, I’d be WAY happier. That ALMOST sent me looking again at Ubuntu, but I’ve decided I owe some loyalty to make Fedora work (however silly that works, people have been just way too kind (Hammerhead Corvette and others) to help me get this working nicely, and I also still favour the built in security protections of Fedora which makes me ‘feel’ fairly safe with it out of the box.

If some of that sounds stupid, well that’s just me I guess :slight_smile:

It’s a digression for this topic, but there are extensions out there to bring the desktop to Fedora, e.g this

Thanks. I am not up to stuff like that, just navigating the page is beyond me!
I have heard of an extension to return the desktop folder, but not the actual desktop background functionality. I am trying my best to stick with this ‘better way of working’ and hope one day it will actually be ‘better’ for me :smiley: