Will Plasma 5.21 come for Fedora 33? Or Do we have to wait until Fedora 34?


I am keen to see the better support for Wayland, since I have a laptop screen @ FullHD and an external screen at 4k UHD. I’d like to have different scaling on those two screens. Plasma on Wayland supports this, but in 5.20 there are plenty of bugs, though.

what are the odds to do something bad to my system when installing Plasma 5.21 from rawhide onto my Fedora 33 like this?

dnf --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide --allowerasing --releasever=34 install @kde-desktop-environment

(--allowerasing would be needed to fix some issues related to media playback due to the switch to pipewire. As far as I see nothing really bad, some media tools are affected, nothing crucial)

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According to the article, KDE Plasma will be included in Fedora 34.

I would love to have Plasma 5.21 packages for Fedora 33. Because at the time of this writing it will be still ~ 2 months until Fedora 34 is released (approx. by the end of April).

Plasma 5.21 is an eagerly awaited release for me because it fixes Wayland+multimonitor issues. I also have a setup with Laptop+4K display.

Fedora 33 came with Plasma 5.19 but provided updated packages when Plasma 5.20 was released. That was a very welcome surprise. So I hope the same thing can be done for 5.21. But I don’t hold my breath.

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SIGs/KDE/Update policy - Fedora Project Wiki announces one major upgrade per Fedora release, so I wouldn’t expect F33 Plasma 5.21. Upgrading all related packages takes a lot of time and effort, so with newer Fedora releases and copr builds, it’s understandable. Besides, in Fedora major Plasma upgrades tends to be done closer to .4 or .5 point releases.

More likely than pre-beta F34 RPMs, F33 packages from copr, e.g. zawertun/kde Copr should fit better your system and be actively used by other users. Consecutive updates will also be much easier that way.

This copr contains also (as an option) KWinFT and disman, that had some substantial display handling rework, more about it here KWinFT · GitLab and on author’s Blog - subdiff.org.


Thanks for the reference to the Copr repo and “SIGs/KDE/Update policy”. I didn’t know about the policy.
Fedora is awesome. Totally worth the wait for F34.
Anybody who wants to take advantage of Wayland had to learn patience anyway in the past years. :slight_smile:

I would like to endorse Zawertun KDE-repo on COPR. Its a great repo, with some extra stuff like Ozesty mentions, and worked for me in early versions of Fedora.

I’m at Fedora 34 already(but using F33 Kernel for stability) with KDE being very stable and usable.

Thanks @ozeszty for the copr link. Finally different scaling on those two screens. And so far it’s working really fine. Plasma on Wayland looks so much better than on Xorg, at least on my UHD screen with 125% scaling

Having the super actualized KDE stuff on a decent distribution feels a little bit like KDE Neon, without the ubuntu disadvantages :wink:

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You’re welcome, zawertun is the main hero!
Have a great KDExperince :slight_smile:

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