Will my login be merged over to discussion forum?

Well, at least you can post in this one. :slight_smile:

But that sure isn’t right. Let me look to see what I can find…

@kiwiheretic I see that you are at the “newbie” trust level here for some reason. That’s clearly not right and I’ll bump you to tl1 or tl2 manually… but, actually, could you help me diagnose in the meantime? You should be able to post in Ask in English or Project Discussion just fine. Is the “New Topic” button (the one with the :heavy_plus_sign: at the top of the page) grayed out? Can you please send me a screenshot of what happens when you press it?

And, also, if you press New Topic somewhere where it works, what categories are available to you in the drop-down?

@kiwiheretic I tried with a test account, and I can post everywhere I think I should be able to. I’d love to figure out what’s going wrong for you!

Looks like it is appearing now but thanks for your help. I will try posting there shortly.


Yeah, but the merge should have summed the read counts from both sites.

I also didn’t read as much in Discussion as I was usually on ask as well so mine went from level 3 to level 1 then bumped up to level 2.

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