Will my login be merged over to discussion forum?

Since I signed up on both forums I am wondering what will happen? Which login will I use after the changeover? Will I need to reset password?

Now we do have two instances of discourse. After the merge it will be just one.
So yes we get merged.

I don’t think so.

Mine not got merged … I do just have the discussion login. I Joined in December 2020 in Ask and just in Feb 2021 on discussion. The Trust Level is discussion member etc.

It seems trust level didn’t merge for me but everything else did.

I didn’t even know I had a trust level and even if it means anything. Anyway I was able to log in without a password reset that is good.

Only reason I realized is because I was able to login to ask.fd.o via the DiscourseHub app on Android before and now I get an account trust level not high enough error.

You need a higher trust level to login from android than from desktop?? I wonder why? I can’t think of any obvious reason why such a restriction might exist.

No, using a standard browser then both things are equal. However, there’s an Android app that uses a different Discourse API and it turns out you need a certain trust level to access those.

Truslevel is something you gain while working in the forum:

It doesn’t look like TL3 came over. (regular vs member)

Thanks @maxamillion and @grumpey — I’m looking into it.

Oh! I think this is what it is: one of the thresholds for TL3 is that you have to have read n% of all posts created in the last 100 days, and I think that perhaps that threshold is over-aggressive for the merged site. (Or maybe the count of such posts is temporarily skewed because some of the merge posts are counted when they shouldn’t be?) I’m going to drop that threshold significantly, at least temporarily — I’ll revisit this in a few months and see if it needs to go back up.

@grumpey That should do it for you. @maxamillion, you’re at TL2 already but need to visit a lot more to get to TL3… but you definitely shouldn’t need that to log into the hub app. Can you screenshot the error for me?

Oh, actually… this might be a different problem. I had min trust level for user api key set to 2 for some reason here. @maxamillion can you try again?

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I was Level3 too…

It’s the posts-read-% limit for you too — you were even further from it than Joe. I will bump you manually for now and keep an eye on it.

I ironically got to TL2 last night and was able to login now. I was only TL1 on Discussion, but was TL3 I think for Ask. :person_shrugging:

I still can not edit the Titles in ask categories. I got Level two on ask Granted Mar 2021

This might be because i always worked with the ask account. and from time to time loged in in discussion to read there. So if I get the read time from there it is normal that i not achieve it.

Hmmm, weird — did you get bumped to TL3 manually there, or are some posts missing from the merge? I see only two posts from you in Ask Fedora (Search results for '@maxamillion #ask' - Fedora Discussion), and you’d need more than that to hit TL3 “naturally”.

I just noticed that I have fewer access rights on here than when I was on ask.fedoraproject.org. I don’t think I can post to any categories other than “water cooler”.