Will journalctl tell if the previous shutdown / restart is expected or not?

When Fedora boots up, will it classify the previous shutdown is an expected shutdown or not?

In situations like:

  • auto reboot by some service, like dnf auto update
  • user initiated shutdown / reboot by command line / Gnome menu actions
  • soft shutdown by power button
  • hard power off (unplug power or press power button for 4s - some BIOS have that option)

I asked because my Fedora’s screen gone blank and do not respond yesterday, that I had to do a hard power off.

I want to learn how/what to look for using journalctl to see what happend.


It will certainly tell you any of the soft reboots (your first three). I’ve not looked to see how a hard reset appears, though you’d definitely see the boot. Worst case, a hard reboot would be a boot not preceded by a shutdown.