Will fedora have a mastodon now

as now twitter take $8 for blue tick it is the high time to switch to mastodon there are lots of users are poping up and all opensource projects are asking to follow them in mastodon like kde so it is the righttime to be in mastodon https://joinmastodon.org/


Here’s the last thread where this was discussed via a Council ticket.

From what I remember, the main hurdles where not having the manpower to properly be present on Mastodon in the same way that we’re present on Twitter and not being able to share credentials safely between multiple people. And that’s on top of the fact that we’re only just starting to do more on Twitter than we were before.

Basically, this is something that’s on our radar but the stance hasn’t changed as of yet. If we can find a way to handle multiple credentials, I think that would be a big step forward.

However, it also has to integrate into how we currently deal with social media platforms, which is something the Marketing Team will talk about in the release party!


Yeah, I can completely understand manpower would be an issue. The problem is getting consistent regular updates between the platforms. I know that Telegram has bots that can do this, but I haven’t investigated all the capabilities of that functionality. For Discourse, I use the RSS feature to get updates whenever there is a new post, so that is helpful.

Personally, I believe Twitter and by extension the other microblogging platforms are a bit over-hyped. Everyone knows about Twitter but compared even to Telegram the number of active users pale. According the the latest statistics (October 2022) Twitter has 237 million active users, vs Telegram which has 550 million active users. Just saying…

There was another thread about promoting Fedora and I don’t think dumping Twitter because of the “Blue Check” mark would be good for marketing. If Fedora wants to promote itself and grow it’s base, then it needs to have a presence where the people are. Sure people are going to Mastodon but it’s not the only audience.

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I personally think that Fedora should stay on Twitter since Fedora can utilize the platform to attract new users out there. However, I also think that Fedora should have a Mastodon account as well.


This. Maybe FP can deploy a server under the fedora.im domain ??

Actually I have to say no. Looking at the link provided by @frankjunior it seems like most Mastondon servers are all invite only. I thought the point of Mastodon was that it was federated and multiple servers can share with each other. I think if there was a Fedora Mastodon it would be an echo chamber with a subset of the existing community. Considering the Discourse forums, IRC, and the big social media platforms already, I don’t think there would be any benefit to having a Mastodon.


There are Mastodon instances that you can just join. Because they’re mostly federated, you can see and follow people who post and have their accounts on other instances. From that perspective it’s not that different from Twitter except for deciding what instance you want to join.

I think the clarify what we’re discussing, at this stage it would probably be an account made in one of these instances, like the RHEL Mastodon account. I don’t know if the Fedora Project hosting its own instance makes sense in the short or long term given that most of the platforms we host are in service of the contributor community, with Ask Fedora being the one platform I know of for end users.

More than likely, if we do start managing a Mastodon account, it will be alongside all of the mainstream social media platforms.

Red Hat does it and it comes across as legit pretty cool.

Or take the opportunity and pull out of it completely. Musk’s just given everyone an excuse…

I totally agree. I would bet most open source minded people are on other channels as well. I for one never looked to Twitter, Mastodon or what more there is to get information regarding FOSS projects.

The problem with Twitter for my part is the inaccessibility for outsiders. If you are not on Twitter (account), it’s impossible to follow the news posted there. I have no intention, never had, of joining Twitter.

In the spirit of Openness and Freedom: Mastodon is free, open-source software. Maybe Red Hat or Fedora Project can provide some support.

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I didn’t say or mean to imply that we should “dump” Twitter because of a checkmark or any other reason. However, within the context of manpower issues and as you mention “have a presence where the people are”, we should be looking at the demographics and active user counts. If manpower is an issue, then we should be judicial on how we use it. My point was simply that Twitter for all it’s name recognition just isn’t as popular as other available platforms.

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yes on a recent post by mastodon it is a extremely huge influx of users are signing in which is out of the capability of the servers individuals run hence this invite just before 7odd days invite thing was not there.
here are some options
fosstodon.org this one is a good option
mastodon.social and mastodon.online is by eugen
and if we look for other distros
RedHatRHEL@mastodon.social this is by redhat
system76@fosstodon.org pop!OS

other projects in https://floss.social/
such as

My suggestion: run your own Mastodon instance at social.fedoraproject.org.

You won’t have to share credentials as everyone on the project can have their own account.

As a bonus, everyone on the server will be automatically verified by virtue of having an account at that domain (just like an email address).

Finally, you can do it without maintaining anything yourself using a hosted solution like https://masto.host (Hugo, who runs that service, hosts Laura’s and my instances and is excellent. He’s temporary halted new accounts but if this is something you want to peruse and things aren’t back to normal there yet, just let me know and I’ll have a word with him.)

Looking forward to seeing you on the fediverse :slight_smile:


I don’t see how that helps. The issue here is that to post with the project’s official account, we need to be able to delegate access. On Twitter, that’s done by adding permissions via Tweetdeck. For Mastodon, we’d have to share a password to everyone with access (or write a tool to be the intermediary)

I have concerns about putting our presence on the back of one(?) person. That’s not sustainable for the maintainer and it presents a risk to our ability to communicate.

I searched for this, and there is a ticket opened on that: Local account delegation · Issue #1405 · mastodon/mastodon · GitHub

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It seems like Masto.host may be a company dedicated to hosting Mastodon instances, and Fosstodon.org itself is hosted through Masto.host.

Not that I am in favor of making our own instance because it would require an admin to maintain. I would rather start an account and migrate to our own instance if we wanted our own instance first rather than starting with an instance. I’ve heard that it’s not exactly an easy thing to do.

Seems like that ticket has not been updated since 2017. :confused:

I would like to start asking companies and organizations that use Mastodon how they are handling credentials to see if there’s something I’m not seeing.

Let’s try another way

I took the plunge over the weekend and made a Mastodon account to better understand how it works. Good news, seems pretty neat despite having to learn a few things to get more out of your experience since you aren’t going to be feed content like you are when you first join Twitter.

Instead of asking for a Fedora Project account on Mastodon to connect with the Fedora community, let’s get on Mastodon and be the community presence we want to see!

Lots of folks are trying Mastodon because of the Big News, and I think now is a good time to get on board if you’re curious. While we’re messing around with the new social media, we can continue to talk about Fedora.

As of now, these are what the trends seem to look like for #Fedora on Mastodon. Mind you, I’m on the Fosstodon.org instance so I figure that would be more likely to have Fedora talk than other instances.


If we can get the mention of Fedora up, it shows that our community is actually active in Mastodon and gives more of a reason to want to solve the problem of creating and managing the official account. And in the meantime we can vibe in a more informal space than this forum or the social Matrix chat which sometimes can feel a little congested (at least for me).

To that end, let’s start following each other on Mastodon and hang out over there if you’re interested! This is not a ploy just to get more followers for myself. [1] You can follow me at @Joseph_of_Earth@fosstodon.org for posts about Fedora, FOSS, technology, pro-wrestling, attempts at jokes, and other neat things(?) And I can follow you back. :slight_smile:

Last thing

This is not meant to dissuade folks from continuing to discuss whether and how to have an official Mastodon account for the Fedora Project.

  1. I will edit out this plug if this breaks community guidelines. Just trying to get things going! ↩︎


it is actually easy to host and i am going to host one by myself
it is easy to make and use

all news media is covering mastodon so not having a mastodon right now for fedora is like bug loss

Mindshare metrics update

I’m not taking credit for this and I know it’s not a lot considering the number of users on Twitter. All I’m saying is number went up. :slight_smile:


And actually in looking at how other distros are doing, #fedora seems to be one of the most popular ones right now. Gotta keep playing with it because it could just be a weird Mastodon thing I’m unfamiliar with.

Here’s #archlinux. So that’s something to shoot for. #arch didn’t show as high so #archlinux seems to be the main one.


Here’s #ubuntu. Could be that I still have to find the right hashtag.




Lastly, here’s #linux which is surprisingly low and unused? This is one result that makes me think I’m doing something wrong.


Any who, this is just some of what I’ve seen since I started to mess around with Mastodon. If you want to see Fedora officially present on Mastodon, use it! The more community there is, the more worth while it is to spend energy on that channel.

I know at least @vwbusguy is missing us.

Authentication update

I asked for help on how brands are handling credentials and you can read the responses in the Mastodon thread. Seems like the main options are doing something with APIs, hosting our own instance, or solving the problem with a password manager that lets you share credentials with others in the same Bitwarden organizaton. Obviously the last one seems to be the simplest and most popular one, and it seems like it’s the option that the Ansible account is going with. It does seem to be that a solution is just lacking in this space due to the size of the platform, so the fourth option is wait and see?

That’s all I got for now. I’m having fun but still just poking around.

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fedora is getting late rocky also get into mastodon even our govt start into mastodon my college just opened mastodon so it is hot right now why fedora is so late just start there are lot of us can get it done.
and it can be self hosted with docker

That’s not a very sustainable plan. For marketing efforts in particular, you want something that you can keep going. Not something that gets started and abandoned a month later. This thread is full of reasons why we haven’t created a Mastodon presence yet.