Wifi USB dongle support?


Anyone using a USB Wifi dongle with their Silverblue install?


Define “using” :wink: I have one - Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5372 Wireless Adapter. It seems to receive OK but it will not come up as a hotspot in Silverblue, or, for that matter, Fedora Workstation. It does work with other distros, however. I need to go hunting for WiFi troubleshooting tips.


FYI this thread has started with a similar question and as yet no answers: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/9zsm1g/usb_ac_wifi_native_compatibility/


That is me… on reddit. I’m lebel there too :slight_smile:


I recall reading online that TP-Link AC adapters work well, and Panda Wireless doesn’t do AC only goes up to AC600 but makes great ones.


Success! After many months of successful operation of the Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5372 on Arch Linux as a hotspot, it suddenly stopped working. The issue appears to have been an upgrade of wpa_supplicant from 1:2.6-12 to 1:2.7-1. I did a little investigation with journalctl on Arch, but since it was the same symptom I had on Silverblue, I decided to try creating a hotspot with create_ap.

create_ap works with this device on both Arch Linux and Silverblue 29. To install on Silverblue:

  1. sudo rpm-ostree install hostapd and reboot.
  2. Run this script:
#! /bin/bash

mkdir -p ~/Installers
pushd ~/Installers
rm -fr create_ap*
git clone https://github.com/oblique/create_ap.git
cd create_ap
sed -i 's;usr;var/usrlocal;' Makefile
sudo make install
which create_ap

The create_ap executable is a bash script. create_ap --help will tell you how to use it.