Wifi undetected | Fedora 40 | Asus VivoBook

I am using Asus vivobook S551LN but builtin wifi frequently undetected. One time detect and next time not. Any way to fix it? Thanks everyone.

Have you searched the web for others seeing this problem?

What do you mean by “undetected”? At the Gnome level, at the kernel level?

Please share details of your hardware.

Run the inxi -Fzxx command and post the output here as preformatted text, use the </> button to do that.

If you can get output from when WiFi is detected and when it fails you can compare.

You also can determine if it is at system level or at the DE level by running
lspci -nnk | grep -iE "network|ether|wi-fi"
This should show the device as long as the kernel sees it and it is configured.
If that reveals the device but it still does not work then it is not system level but somewhere above the kernel.

It may also be that the AP/router is not properly connecting and would need to be power cycled.

Another command that might show value would be to use ip address which should show the device as long as the system is able to configure it, even if it is not properly connected to the AP.

Are you dual booting another OS? Sometimes wifi breaks if you changes the order in which they are booted.

Make notes of the times for the boots that work so you find a working and non-working boots to compare.

You may find relevant details with journalctl --no-hostname -b <N> -g <string>|cat (the |cat will wrap long lines so they aren’t truncated). Try NetworkManager, wifi, or wireless for <string>. When it works you should see something like:

NetworkManager[1165]: <info>  [1719585735.9907] device (wlp3s0): Activation: 
(wifi) Stage 2 of 5 (Device Configure) successful. Connected to 
wireless network "<your network's name>"

Then you can search with the device name.

See man journalctl for details of the options.

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