WiFi isn't work despite the driver being found

My PC has a WiFi chip from Qualcomm and WiFi isn’t working, I have tried turning off secure boot and turned off fast boot, but it did not resolve the issue.

I would really appreciate any help as I didn’t find solutions on past forum posts and Ethernet is not really an option in my case.

There seem to be many reports of failed qualcomm cards with linux (multiple distros).
I myself had a qualcomm card that quit some time back and the intel card I replaced it with is better than the qualcomm was when it was working.

If possible I would suggest that you get a wifi usb dongle that is supported by linux as a temporary fix. You also may want to consider replacing the qualcomm card that is alreeady installed with a supported replacement. You stated this is a PC so it should be easy to get an intel or other supported wifi adapter to install.

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If it’s wifi on the main board, you can probably disable the chip in BIOS Settings.

If you don’t want to buy stuff twice, skip the USB dongle and purchase an intel pcie wifi card; they are really cheap to get. It’s a desktop machine, right?

Intel WiFi drivers are opensource and part of the kernel, they work out of the box.