Wifi Icon on Cinnamon login page

Hello!! I’m using Fedora 36 and need show the wifi icon to select the wifi network at logon. I not find any option to do it. Does this feature is supported by Cinnamon ?
Thank you by any help.

Welcome to ask.fedora @marciocosta

Is it that you want to log in in to a business network with a domain account? Or in to a VPN network?

If you give us a bit more info it will be easier to help you.

Hi @ilikelinux.
Both situations will apply cause your company have some wifi networks with different rules (guest, employee, etc…). But the main ideia is select/connect on wifi before login in desktop.

You might have a look for this:

The system must be up and a user logged in before you can connect to a wifi network the first time. After that connection is made then it should connect automatically with subsequent boots.

Thus the user logs in with a local account and configures the wifi and/or vpn. Then if necessary to do a domain login or use the vpn they log out, reboot if necessary, and log back in accordingly.