Wifi card error MacBook Pro Retina a1398

Hello guys, i have a trouble with my MacBook’s Wifi Card.
I adquire this pc a month ago, and i installed f38, with no problems only the wifi card, what wasn’t recognized by the system, i was succesfully installed the card driver following the gist sh file in github, and that works very good. but yesterday i was drunk and i had the great idea of installing MacOS Sonoma, i didn’t like it and today i’m back in f39. But i installed the wifi card by the same method mentioned up, and after reboot the system enters in emergency mode.

Well, i reinstalled the os and tried another method with the same results, any method that i try had the same result, my laptop in emergency mode, now i can’t use the wifi card. Someone can helpme please :c

i imagine that the driver isnt compatible with the kernel 666 or wathever

guys, i found the solution. i paste here the blog where i took the solution: