Wifi can't connect to internet through the fiber optic router after update

Very similar to what happened to me in the past, but this time the old solution doesn’t seem to work: broadcom internal wifi seems to connect via WPA2 Personal but a question mark appears on the wifi icon and internet is not available through the router (atm I’m connected via usb or via my phone router, strange but the wifi connection is working in that case).

If I try from terminal

[giuliohome@localhost ~]$ nmcli connect up "Wind3 HUB-D8F95D" 
Error: Connection activation failed: The Wi-Fi network could not be found
Hint: use 'journalctl -xe NM_CONNECTION=2b70faa6-62d4-4824-9603-03f164bb6b13 + NM_DEVICE=wlp3s0' to get more details.

And the logs say:

[giuliohome@localhost ~]$ journalctl -xe NM_CONNECTION=2b70faa6-62d4-4824-9603-03f164bb6b13 + NM_DEVICE=wlp3s0

 device (wlp3s0): Activation: starting connection 'Wind3 HUB-D8F95D' (2b70faa6-62d4-4824-9603-03f164bb6b13)
 device (wlp3s0): state change: disconnected -> prepare (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 device (wlp3s0): state change: prepare -> config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 device (wlp3s0): Activation: (wifi) access point 'Wind3 HUB-D8F95D' has security, but secrets are required.
 device (wlp3s0): state change: config -> need-auth (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 sup-iface[0ff4d6f1cd6f7c3b,3,wlp3s0]: wps: type pbc start...
 device (wlp3s0): state change: need-auth -> prepare (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 device (wlp3s0): state change: prepare -> config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 device (wlp3s0): Activation: (wifi) connection 'Wind3 HUB-D8F95D' has security, and secrets exist.  No new secrets needed.
 device (wlp3s0): Activation: (wifi) association took too long, failing activation
 device (wlp3s0): state change: config -> failed (reason 'ssid-not-found', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
 device (wlp3s0): Activation: failed for connection 'Wind3 HUB-D8F95D'
 device (wlp3s0): state change: failed -> disconnected (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed')

Maybe it’s not a problem specific to Fedora… the fiber optic router gives connection but not internet (dns not working, only local network) to this old laptop wifi (I wonder why, other laptops and phones are perfectly connected to the same fiber optic router).
For the moment, I exclude it is due to Fedora operating system, so I think we can close it here.

Finally solved by changing the ip assigned to my Fedora laptop from the router admin web interface.
(something was messed up with that ip in the router cache I guess, I don’t know actually)

I’m connected from there now :smile: :ok: :ok_hand:

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